Supplying Artwork for Printing

We accept the following file formats for printing:

  • Press-ready PDF, with fonts embedded
  • Jpeg, with files set to at least 300dpi
  • All other files, PSD, AI etc please supply these as ZIP files

If you’d like to submit artwork in another format, please give us a call on 0115 928 6666 to discuss your requirements before sending it to us for printing.

If you are are purchasing from our online shop please upload your artwork through the orders section. Alternatively:

You can upload your artwork by clicking on this link

Supplying us with PDF artwork

We prefer all artwork to be supplied to us as high resolution PDF format. When creating a PDF in Acrobat Distiller, please note that there are job options which must be set for commercial printing. These include default resolution, compression settings and font embedding. Please set these as follows:

  • Please make sure you choose high resolution as your default.
  • Compression settings for colour and greyscale printing should be down-sampled to 300dpi with ‘auto compression’ set to ‘high’. Bitmapped (monochrome, such as line art) images should be set at 600dpi.
  • Please set font embedding to ’embed all fonts’.

Please also make sure there’s 3mm bleed all round the PDF, i.e. crop marks may be included. If your PDF isn’t saved in this format, we won’t be able to use it as artwork and if there are any changes to the job, you may have to amend and re-supply the artwork to us.

CMYK not RGB please!

Please make sure that all embedded images in your files are CMYK. RGB images might look good on your screen, but final output to print must always be CMYK. Please note that converting files from RGB to CMYK can significantly change the colour composition.

Bleed and crop marks

All artwork must have 3mm bleed if you require the image to bleed off the edge of the paper. Please note that crop marks should be included in all artwork submitted to us.

Please also make sure that your artwork is supplied to us in the correct finished size that you require. If this isn’t possible, please let us know so we can allow time for amending the artwork.

Artwork amendments

All our print prices include ‘pre-flight checking’ of your artwork. If we spot any issues during this process that are easy to rectify, we’ll correct these free of charge.


Please don’t supply imposed pages or ‘printers pairs’ to us as our workflow system includes imposition software that will impose correctly for our printing processes. Please supply us with single pages only.


If you’re sending us a document with multiple pages, please try and save the front and back cover of the document as a separate file. Please supply the booklet to us as single pages in page order.

We also suggest that you keep all text and copy at least 5mm away from the trimmed edge of the document to allow for ‘creep’.

Need any help?

Please contact us if you have any questions or need any help with submitting your artwork to us.